April 8, 2017 This Just In


Unknown. Media Music Release No. 2, Capitol Custom MEDI-1, 19??

If you look in enough record stores with huge MISC sections, you’ll eventually run into records like this.  I had no idea what this was when I first saw it, but I had a pretty good idea that this would something that Capitol Records sent out to radio stations along with some promos.  I was right.  This fascinating little record was probably the source for thousands of radio spots, jingle beds, and station IDs.

IMG_0872 (1)

It would have probably been sent to smaller market stations, the kind that would probably have no budget to spend on a custom jingle package.  With this record, a tiny station would only need an announcer to record the voice over needed, and viola!  Instant new sound for the station!


Despite the 29 tracks, this record only plays for about 6 minutes, good jingles don’t take that much time away from the program.  This mint condition record (things like this usually have only been played 3-4 times since being pressed) also came with a custom protective sleeve from Sacramento, CA.  It certainly did its job to keep the sleeve in perfect shape.  Obviously, I don’t know how long it was on the job because I could find no information about this record online.  Nothing from the producer, the artists or the date could be established by me, but I’d date it from the sound to the the 50s-early 60s.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $2, $241 Remaining

January 3, 2017 The Great Unknown


Unknown, Aerobics Country, Upstart Records UPS-1, 1982

Another day another fitness routine.  And if you thought yesterday’s entry was obscure, this one really, um, takes the cake.  Not only does no one fess up to being the “artist” here, but this is the one and only apparent release for Upstart Records.  The record is billed as “the down-home way to aerobic fitness with easy to follow vocal and visual instructions”, as if I needed any motivation to bend over repeatedly while listening to You’re The Reason Why God Made Oklahoma.


Besides some generally boring liner notes and general heath statistics about heart rate and body mass index, there really isn’t much instruction on the jacket.  And while the blue bathing suit and cowgirl hat wearing model looks good, I doubt she relied on this record for her body type, no matter how much she loves a rainy night.


But I still love upstart records, like this one from Upstart Records of Arlington Texas.  I hope they weren’t under any illusions of outselling The Beatles, or even Slim Whitman, but it is an accomplishment to get this far in the record business.  No matter how awful it turns out.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $2, $518 Remaining