December 29, 2016 You Can’t Teach Lucky


The Everly Brothers, Songs Our Daddy Taught Us, Cadence 3018, 1958

If you look through a half a million albums in your lifetime, you’ll find a few gems in among all the Andre Kostelanetz records.  This is one of them.


The Everly Brothers were probably the biggest act in music when, for their second album, they chose to record a non commercial roots record that had little to do with their hits like All I Have To Do Is Dream.  It lived up to its non-commercial sales goal, but because of the unique and far ahead of its time reputation it maintains, the few original copies that did sell are highly praised collectables.


I found this one in a $2 bin, and while it’s a little beat up, it plays much better than it looks.  The cover is worn, the labels aren’t perfect, but I don’t care.  Years of looking has rewarded me with a pretty amazing find that I’ll keep forever.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $2, $530 Remaining

October 2, 2016 Some Of The Best


The Everly Brothers, Best, Cadence CLP-3025, 1959

Without a doubt, The Everly Brothers were a hot act.  From 1957-1959, they had three Number Ones and several more Top Ten hits for the independent Cadence Records.  So, when they signed with the massive Warner Brothers Records, Cadence did what any self respecting independent label would do, rush release a greatest hits package.  A “Best Of” record usually came out after a group’s hey day, unless of course they were moving on to bigger and better things.  For Cadence, it was one more way to bring water from the Everly well.


It looks like it came out so fast that they didn’t bother with any kind of write up about the duo, or reminiscing about the music.  The back cover does feature all of the other exciting albums the group had available for purchase from Cadence Records, however.


I never really recommend buying these kinds of records.  For me, having the actual releases is always preferred.  But this is the legendary Everly Brothers at the very beginning of their amazing career, with not only their first few hits, but also a few B-Sides and minor releases.  It would be very hard to find any of their original records at an affordable price, and this is the original Cadence label, meaning its an original record.  It even predates their last few releases for the company.  So I added to my pile at my usual $2 shop, and was really happy to see it’s a highly valued record in with this label.  It’s only in VG condition, but its still (some of) The Everly Brother’s Best on the label that made them famous.

Today’s Summary:

Cost $2, $732 Remaining