April 2, 2017 Take Me Out To The Recording Studio


The Amazing Mets, Buddah METS-1969, 1969

It’s Opening Day for the 2017 baseball season, so I thought I’d feature this bizarre record from the Amazin aftermath of the 1969 baseball season.  The New York Mets were a 1962 expansion team that was the laughing stock of baseball who suddenly won the World Series.  They did it in nail-biting fashion, with a random collection of aging stars and fierce young pitchers.  Their win was so dramatic that they became a huge national story.  In short, they were hot.


Naturally, the offers to cash in on the fame soon followed.  Someone at Buddah Records came calling with a record deal, and it’s a really bizarre concept.  Athletes are never known for their singing voices, and The Amazin’ Mets are no exception.  It’s just a bunch of out of tune men singing sloppily along to public domain songs with a few cheesy and obviously quickly written originals like We’re Gonna Win The Series.  There’s absolutely nothing to listen to more than once on the whole record.


It didn’t work either.  Rising to #197 on the Billboard Hot 200 albums, there just weren’t too many people that interested in buying this record despite how enthralled they were with The Mets.  It’s today only even really a collectible for the cover.  The front has a horrible shot of the back of an usher’s head and the rest of the right field grandstand of the old Shea Stadium, but the back cover has the roster shots of the team.  It would be worth a ton of money if I could get it signed by Nolan Ryan or Tom Seaver!

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $5, $255 Remaining

October 25, 2016 First And Ten, Don’t Do It Again!


Bernard Green, The National Football League Marching Songs, RCA LSP-2292, 1960

Oh the lengths I go to sometimes to provide a well rounded selection of budget priced records.  It’s not necessarily as daunting as a 60 years field goal, but this took a lot of guts to make it though.  It’s never a good start when the first song on the record is Hooray For Mr. Football.  From there, it’s one fumble after another from bandleader Bernard Green.


I would be shocked to know if there are any fans of the San Francisco 49er’s who know that their team’s fight song is called Football Polka.  Did John Mara teach Touchdown to his great grand daughters Kate & Rooney?  It doesn’t take a concussion to realize the answer is no.


It was before my time, ahem, but I would imagine that football didn’t have nearly the impact in 1960 that it does now.  I’d be willing to wager that the sport was not half as popular as baseball was and hardly any games were shown on TV.  College football was likely the bigger draw in the national scheme of things, and this album was probably designed to raise the league profile.  Why else would the pro teams need marching themes, but to mimic the colleges?  As unlistenable as this record is, it is a souvenir of a very different time.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $2, $690 Remaining