April 6, 2017 The Eyes Have It


Rick Nelson, Spotlight On Rick, Decca DL-4608, 1965

The Adventures Of Ozzie & Harriet was wrapping up its 14th season in early 1965 when this album came out.  It was 8 years since Rick Nelson’s first hit, and 50 hit came in those 8 years.  In 1963, Decca Records singed the hitmaker to a 20 year contract, but the show and the hits were drying up.  The one single from this record, A Happy Guy only climbed to #82, and the album failed to chart.


That’s not to say it’s not a good record.  Of all the teen idols who gained fame because of their parents, Nelson is among the most talented and creative of all of them.  Ask Quentin Tarantino who used Nelson tracks on his hipster (and million selling) soundtrack albums.  And, with 2-3 album releases a year for years, there are plenty of Nelson albums to pick up for very little money.


You can often find amazing records for next to nothing if you get out of the main bins of a record store.  I found this mint condition original in an Oldies bin buried in the corner of a huge San Francisco record store.  While you find Beatles and Beach Boys albums recorded years before this album was in the Rock section, the slightly less cool artists sometimes get demoted to bins with Connie Francis and Billy Vaughn records.  But hey, their loss is my $3 gain.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $3, $245 Remaining