August 15, 2016 Maybe Not So Thoughtful

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Natalie Cole, Thankful, Capitol SW-11708, 1977

My first impression, Oregon resident that I am, is that no one would be Thankful about standing in one of our rivers in a red chiffon dress.  Still, Natalie Cole was an incredibly talented artist who most likely would have been successful despite her fabled lineage.

vintage vintage haul 1 (20 of 113)

In a sense, this record is a real stand out for 1977.  R&B was turning into hard core funk or dance music at the time, so a jazzy-pop style record that did well on the R&B charts had to be good.  And this record is great, as is the top ten single Our Love.

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Luckily for me, the original owner took amazing care (or indifference) to this record.  It is absolutely perfect at 39 years old.  I always loved that Ms. Cole was signed to Capitol Records.  Their headquarters in Los Angeles was called “The House That Nat Built” in honor of her father, and the company took an Olive Garden approach to Nat’s daughter “When You’re here, You’re Home”).  Their investment paid off, with the amazing career that Natalie Cole had.

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