January 23, 2017 L Is For The Low Price…


Nat King Cole, L-O-V-E, Capitol ST-2195, 1964

The House That Nat built tried to keep their beloved Mr. Cole in their studio as much as possible.  This was the fourth album and final album that he recorded for Capitol in 1964.  Fourth in this case because it’s an amazing achievement nowadays for an artist to release four albums in a decade, and final because Nat King Cole died a few weeks after the record was released.


You would never know that these were the output of the amazing singer’s last recording sessions.  He was in really good voice despite having fatal lung cancer.  I prefer to think that is why this album peaked at #4, and not because it was a brand new record of a legend that has just died.


Its a really great album too.  The title track is one the the most remembered of all of Cole’s songs.  Because it mostly appealed to adults (the LOVE single only peaked at #28) this album is pretty to find.  It’s rarely pricey and usually in great shape.  I’d go so far as to call this one essential.

Today’s Price:
Cost: $2, $464 Remaining

December 22, 2016 Chestnuts Reissued


Nat King Cole, The Christmas Song, Capitol SW-1967, 197?

I say it every single time.  I hate re-issues.  I never try to allow myself to buy them, but in a case like this I threw away $2 to actually have this music on vinyl.  It doesn’t get more classic (assuming that’s a phrase) then a record like this.  And it just sounds so much better on vinyl.  Like I said, Christmas albums are a label’s best friend, and a perennial seller like this one is a cash cow.


Truth be told, I was in a rush and never bothered to check the record inside the jacket.  That’s a huge rookie mistake to make because you never really know what’s inside a record jacket.  Finding a warped classical record inside a Beatles jacket is about the ultimate fail, but buying a re-issue unknowingly is right up there.


This is the 1972-1979 Capitol label.  As a kid, I bought my Beatles albums on this label.  So despite it’s ugliness, I have a warm spot for it.  Still, it’s not the label this record would have been issued on, so it’ll never have any value beyond what I sold it for.  But I don’t mind.  It’s Nat King Cole and The Christmas Song.  I can re-gift it back to Goodwill when I find the real one, and until then, Let It Snow!

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $1, $547 Remaining