June 29, 2016 That Sweet Soul Music


101 Strings, Best Of The Soul Series, Alshire S-5069, 196?

Looking through a bin of $2 Soul records I found this delight of something so obviously misfiled that I had to buy it.  The 101 Strings Orchestra was famous for, well, really nothing but making low budget easy listening records that were mostly sold through discount retailers.  I’m sure the large SOUL on the cover is why this whitest of white records ended up where I found it, but it’s very much the opposite end of the spectrum from Rick James.


It’s always a hallmark of a discount record to have a simple, no color back cover.  True to form, 1/3 of this album is nothing but a promotion for the 54 101 Strings albums that preceded this one.  One third of the top is a stock write up on the orchestra, and the rest is the song titles and logo.  Just swap out the song titles next time, and the back cover is ready to go!


Musically, it plays just as you’d imagine The Polish National Anthem would sound by a faceless studio orchestra.  There is absolutely nothing redeeming about listening to this record, despite the inner sleeve telling me how magnificent it will sound.  The cover however, is just so damned fun that I’ll probably just keep it.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $949 Remaining