August 25, 2016 Hello Senior Prom Theme

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Lionel Richie, Can’t Slow Down, Motown MD 6059, 1983

I think even in the 80s, even in 1984 when this album was in the Top 10 for the entire calendar year, people were saying that this record was “so 80s”.  It just was/is.  It is true pop genius to sell something to people, many many people, nothing they know is off the charts cheesy, but yet they still pay for.  I don’t know anyone that thinks this is an essential album, but everyone has one.  That is genius.

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Just look at the back cover.  I mean really.  I don’t need to be David Sederis to get into how immediately galling, yet unbelievably captivating this is.  From the fashion that was popular for 20 minutes, to the afro-mullet, it’s plainly a snapshot of it’s times that succeeded almost as well as Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Prince’s Purple Rain, but without all the classic music that we know and love today.

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Don’t get me wrong, this record is jammed with hits, but they are those kind of hits.  The kind you don’t play at a party, yet sing in the shower.  The kind you never put on but always hear.  The kind that you buy and keep on a shelf for years without touching, yet can’t bear to part with.  Hello was my senior prom theme, Class Of ’84 Rules!, but still, like my DVD of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, this record will not see the light of day again until I move.  And I love it.

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Cost: $2, $819 Remaining