January 2, 2017 Desperate Measures


June LaSavia, How The Waist Was Won, Plantation Records PLP-52, 1982

Fitness records were all the rage in the early 80s.  Jane Fonda sold millions of records, and soon there were a million copycats.  This is one of the worst ones I’ve ever seen.  Mainly because it is so rare and there is literally zero information available about Ms. LaSavia, I am amazed that I even found such a thing.  There are probably more still sealed copies of Revolver floating around out there than used copies of this.


It doesn’t happen very often, but June LaSalvia has no wikipedia page.  Discos.com, the awesome record database and eBay style market has this record listed, but that’s it.  There are exactly two discographies of Plantation Records, and this record isn’t listed.  Discogs has it listed, and it appears that this was the last Plantation release of new material.  There were five more releases for the company, but they were all re-issues or compilation albums.  The company appears to have folded in 1983.


Despite the horrible name, Plantation did have a number one hit in 1968 with Jeannie C. Riley’s Harper Valley PTA.  But once that novelty wore off and she left the label, they only put out records sporadically from then on.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $2, $520 Remaining