June 5, 2016 The Most Popular Group Of All Time


S.R.O., Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass, A&M 119, 1966

It’s day two of the $1 highlights of my latest tour through Goodwill.  Yes, I know that very few people would agree with today’s headline, but just like yesterday’s attention getter, any Goodwill record shopper would have to agree that Herb Alpert records are always available there.  Literally always.

Thrift stores are wonderful places to buy records, but you will have to adjust you mentality about the kind of records they sell.  Forget big time name bands, true collectibles, or mint condition records.  Instead, you’ll find tons of classical, awful christmas compilations, Reader’s Digest boxed sets, random international records, bizarre homemade religious albums, and, well, the entire discography from Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass.

It’s easy to understand why.  The records hit a groove with a segment of the record buying public at a time when Rock was just one type of popular music.  Singles still outsold albums anyway, and the mid sixties album charts really were dominated by broadway and movie soundtracks as well as the kind of records bought by adults.  Herb Alpert sold more albums than even The Beatles did in 1966.


“TJB” records are wonderfully made, and still very fun.  The musicians on them are the famed “wrecking crew” of LA studio players that crafted hits for more artists than I could possibly list here.  These albums now sound as perfectly cliche as Herb’s formal velvet jackets and ruffled shirts.  The sanitized cha-cha sounds had a 30 year run of “Oh God No” uncoolness, but you just know that Don & Megan Draper would have played these records.  And that’s cool.

Today’s Summary:

Cost $1, $984 Remaining