January 29, 2017 Italia’s Got Talent


Rita Pavone, The International Teen-Age Sensation, RCA Victor Brazil LPM-2900, 1964

I love foreign pop albums.  They are full of music I’ve never heard, and sometimes you get foreign language versions of English language pop hits.  I was really hoping for that when I bought this incredibly international record, but there’s only one American cover (Bobby Rydell’s Kissin’ Time).  It’s actually an album of English language pop tunes, sung by an eager young Italian girl.


It was easy to be fooled by what this record is.  I knew that Rita Pavone was Italian, and I know enough Romance Languages to tell that the back cover is written in Portuguese.  Pavone was a huge star in Europe in the 60s, and recording for RCA meant her records could be released world wide.  This record was probably meant to be her US break through, but it didn’t happen, despite Just Once More peaking at #26.  Why RCA decided to release an English language record in Brazil I can’t explain, but they did.


Foreign records weren’t made to the same standard as US records were.  Some European countries used very glossy cover slicks, while Japanese versions are made of paper.  The jacket of this one is really nothing more than a card stock grade of paper with the thin (and badly mis-colored) cover slicks lightly adhered.  They’re literally hanging on by a thread after 54 years.  Next time I’m in Sao Paulo, I’ll be sure to ask for a refund.

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Cost: $6, $447 Remaining

August 19, 2016 I Talk About It In German

vintage vintage haul 1 (38 of 113)

Lipps Inc., Mouth To Mouth, Casablanca 9128-042, 1979

Sometimes when I find a stash of cheap records, I don’t have the time to flip through them and really know exactly what I’m getting.  I just kind of grab and go and see what I bought after.  I’d been looking for a nice copy of this Lipps Inc. record for a while.  It has the 7:20 version of Funkytown and who wouldn’t want that?

vintage vintage haul 1 (39 of 113)

It wasn’t until I went to go and play it that I noticed how flimsy and oddly shiny the cover felt.  It did’t take long to see that somehow I found a German pressing of the US album.  There’s nothing really different, it’s the same music, but records made in other countries usually are of a lesser quality than US made ones.  I’m sure the only way to make an album affordable in a 1979 West Germany still waging a Cold War was to use thinner vinyl and laminated paper covers.

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The record’s label gives it’s Bavarian roots away.  There’s a stern looking warning at the bottom edge, some strange trademarks like GEMA added to a standard Casablanca label, and “Made In West Germany” printed under the catalogue number.  The actual vinyl is really flimsy too.  It plays well, but my search will continue for a nice US version.

 Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $831 Remaining