May 12, 2017 I Found My Thrill


Fats Domino, This Is Fats Domino, Imperial LP-9028, 1956

This is not only Fats Domino, but it’s a wonderful into to a real artist just doing his thing.  Fats Domino’s last charting record was his 1968 cover of The Beatles’ Lady Madonna, and it sounds like it could be on this album.  The Fat Man doesn’t have to explain himself to you, thank you very much.  While he doesn’t get much press these days, he is hanging in there at age 89, and even losing “everything” in Hurricane Katrina didn’t dampen his spirit.


This was Domino’s third album, and, like most 50s albums, it’s just a collection of singles that were complied into an LP.  In 1956, the 12″ LP was still a pretty new invention, so many artists didn’t conceive of an album as a specific creative entity with its own theme. Records like these are merely a portrait of the artist at a particular place and time.  But this particular place and time featured Fats Domino’s biggest hit, and just the opening note of Blueberry Hill is enough to pull you in to the whole record.


While the $10 price tag of this record is waaay above the normal price tag of a record in this blog, it’s also waaay below the usual trading price for a record of this age and condition.  Dropping a need on this for the first time, I couldn’t believe how smooth this copy plays.  Not only was the LP a new invention, but vinyl production was still in the early stages of its development.  To find a 61 year old record that is pop free is really something, especially one of this quality.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $10, $138 Remaining