September 28, 2016 Tollie Ho!


Don & Alleyne Cole, Live At The Whiskey A Go-Go, Tollie 56001, 1964

I have to be honest, this is not the most exciting performance I’ve ever heard.  Actually, I know some high school bands that are more exciting.  They do get some points for trying, but Don & Alleyne Cole just aren’t all that good.  I don’t even hear a female vocalist at all, so I don’t really know what Alleyne did for the act.


No, what really is among the most exciting thing about this record is the label it came out on.  Like yesterday’s Vee-Jay record, this album came out on the short lived Tollie Records subsidiary.  In fact, in its 15 months in operation, Tollie only issued two albums!  It’s always a good day to pick up half of a label’s discography for $5.


There were many different label variations for Tollie, most likely because different pressing plants used different label stock, and, really, who would have cared?  This is the basic yellow variation and not the “official” purple Tollie label.  Vee Jay probably only started the label to get as much airplay and sales as they could from The Beatles records they had under contract, and as long as the money kept coming in, they could take a chance on releasing poorly recorded live albums like this to see if they could get another hit.  Of course, they didn’t.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $5, $743 Remaining