May 8, 2017 Very Tempting


The Temptations, With A Lot O’Soul, Gordy 922, 1967

Motown broke a lot of barriers in the 60s by making music that appealed to all races and was so good that there was no shame for white audiences to openly embrace.  Even as late as 1967 though, they still felt the need to obscure the face of the attractive African American model on this Temptations record.  While the group had already been featured on virtually every album before this one, featuring a cover model still caused some cause for caution by the A&R department.


This is a wonderful album.  It’s the best selling of all the records that feature the “Classic 5” lineup of the group.  Every member of the group has a lead part somewhere, and there are four hit singles included.  I think this is as good as Motown gets, along with almost every hit recording the label put out in 1966-67.  It was before the songwriting team of Holland/Dozier/Holland left the company over a royalties dispute and the Detroit riots led Berry Gordy to begin moving Motown to Los Angeles.  This record was recorded in the same cramped makeshift studio in a basement located at 2648 West Grand Boulevard.


It’s also an original copy.  This is the original Gordy label which was redesigned into a wedge shape in 1968.  This album was still in print by then and copies were issued on both labels.  While I wouldn’t pass up a chance to get either label for less than $10, I’m glad I found this original.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $4, $166 Remaining

November 11, 2016 The Grand Laurel Canyon


Joni Mitchell, Ladies Of The Canyon, Reprise RS-6376, 1970

I really wanted to showcase a Leonard Cohen album today.  But it turns out I don’t have any, bought at any price.  A record with one of his sons being covered would have been great too, but I couldn’t find any of those either.  So I turned to another classic record form a similar vein.


Joni Mitchell through her songwriting first blended folk, rock, art, and social justice into one seamless package.  That she could sing like an angel was almost an after thought.  This album came out as her star was still rising, and the best known songs on it were made so by being recorded by other people.


It’s not in perfect condition, but at $2 who cares.  It’s Joni Mitchell at her best, and that’s worth a few pops.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $2, $654 Remaining