October 11, 2016 Looking’ For A Home


Brook Benton, The Boll Weevil Song, Mercury SR-60641, 1961

I love the smokey deep voice of Brook Benton.  His material was very often syrupy love songs with lush arrangements, but this album produced his biggest hit.  It’s a novelty rendition of a delta blues classic, but very much done in a novelty version.  It doesn’t play well these days, but it’s an ok little tune.


But what really caught my eye was the sleeve.  Besides the other great Brook Benton albums available from your Mercury Record’s dealer, there’s not a picture of the artist on it!  It is sad to say that it’s probably because he was an African American artist who became popular with white audiences at a time when there was rampant segregation in parts of the country.  Stores in those parts of the country wouldn’t stock record with non white faces on them.  So the biggest hit Brook Benton had came out without his picture on it.


So while I’m glad I found this record, it isn’t something to be very excited about.  But I think I will go through the bins to look for other records like this.  Time for another theme week soon!

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $716 Remaining