August 29, 2016 Bare-ing It All

vintage vintage haul 1 (105 of 113)

Bobby Bare, Detroit City, RCA Victor LPM-2776, 1963

Folk was big in 1963 and the record came along to capitalize on it in a different way.  Approaching it from the County music side of the business, his records stood out from the Greenwich Village side of things.  This was the first big hit of a 25 year recording career.

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My keen intellect tells me that this record was first purchased on August 2, 1965.  Even though it was a two year old record at that point, it was still in stores, not because it flopped, but rather because it was still selling.

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I think I also got really lucky finding a copy that was this clean.  It plays perfectly, and it just got to show you what can happen when you look through the “other” bins.  Even if Country isn’t your thing, records like this get stuffed into that category all the time.  Seek and ye shall find!

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $811 Remaining