February 16, 2017 It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere


The Ernie Felice Quartet, Cocktail Time, Capitol T-192, 1955

I bought this one for the cover.  I love the gray background and the variety of cocktails and cigarettes on display.  The graphics and fonts are an incredible example of an early 50s album.  It turns out to have been quite the research project to identify what this record is.


Besides a family run fan website, there isn’t much information out there on Ernie Felice.  His Wikipedia page is in German for example.  This record is also hard to track down.  Multiple sources show that Capitol 192 was issued in 1950 with a different cover than this one.  This cover is the original Australian cover that Capitol resurrected when they re-issued this album in 1955 on the new 12″ 33 1/3 rpm format.


It’s actually a pretty good album too!  Accordion music isn’t exactly my thing, but Ernie Felice tones it down here and arranges it into the mix.  It woulnt be my go to for actual cocktail time, but I’ll play it from time to time, mostly to hear his Dream A Little Dream Of Me, and O Sole Mio.  

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $2, $400 Remaining