May 4, 2017 Give Me A Ticket To A Followup


The Box Tops, Cry Like A Baby, Bell 6017, 1968

The more you know about certain groups and where they came from, the more you can know a good thing when you see it.  The Box Tops are a legendary Memphis band that as teenagers had one of the biggest records of the 60s with The Letter.  Seventeen year old lead singer Alex Chilton sang it like a delta bluesman with decades on The Chitlin Circuit under his belt.  When a follow up was needed, this is what the Memphis music came up with.


The title track peaked at #2, unable to unstick Bobby Goldsboro’s Honey from the top spot.  While it’s a great song too, a close second to The Letter, the album is really special.  Critics and fans all rave about Dusty Springfield’s Dusty In Memphis, and this record was made at the same time in the same studio with the same musicians.  It’s not a departure for The Box Tops like it was for Dusty Springfield, but it’s still a terrific sound with a great mix of originals and covers.


All of The Box Tops records are hidden gems, and this shrink wrapped one is in near mint condition.  Yes, it didn’t sell seeing the special sale price tag of three for $1 and the hole punch through the cover, but it is valued as a $25 record now.  I was able to find it for $5 at a record show, which is the best place to pick up cult classic like this in good shape.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $5, $181 Remaining


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