May 1, 2017 Music To Stop A Truck


Jerry Smith And His Pianos, Truck Stop, ABC S-692, 1969

This is one of those weird cases of a major label release where neither the album or the artist are deemed worthy enough to have a Wikipedia page!  Jerry Smith seems to be a Nashville session piano player of some regard, meaning that he played with some of the all time greats of Country and early Rock music.  With legendary producer Bill Justis, he wrote Down At Papa Joe’s, a 1963 hit for The Dixiebelles, and if you know and like the bouncy old timey piano on that song, you’re going to love this record.


If you can find it that is!  With no apparent appearance on any chart, or a follow-up album on ABC, this record probably didn’t sell as many copies as there are 18 Wheelers on the cover.  Perhaps the three Pure Girls on the cover also bought one.  They get credit on the cover, but beyond that this doesn’t seem to be a Union Oil co-production.  Still, I could see copies of this record sitting in truck stop bargain bins for years.


The music is very outdated for 1969, but with a track called Speakeasy 1929 on it, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised.  It might have done better in the 40s or 50s, but even country music had moved past this sound by the Woodstock era.  It’s probably one of those cases of someone being “due” to make a record, but has no idea how to go about it, like someone who enjoys cooking opening a restaurant.  The result is usually very far off from the original intent.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $1, $191 Remaining

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