April 29, 2017 What Not To Buy


Bobby Vinton, There! I’ve Said It Again, Epic LM-24081, 1964

This is a terrible record.  There! I’ve said it again.  Yes, ok sure, President Kennedy had just been killed, and the #1 title track was a slightly better pop song than Dominique by The Singing Nun, but why did this nonsense sell so well?  How did it keep Louie Louie by The Kingsmen out of the #1 spot?  And why did Bobby VInton have such success during the most creative pop era ever?


I really can’t explain it.  Vinton himself explained it as The Beatles and their contemporaries wiping out all of his competition, but I don’t buy it.  Jack Jones, Vic Dana, Wayne Newton and others were all in the same groove, but none of them came near the chart performances of records like this.  There! was one of two Vinton #1s in 1964 and its month at the top only ended when I Want To Hold our Hand exploded on the charts.  The album peaked at #8, but was still certified gold.


It’s really that terrible of a record though.  It’s not some mid century modern classic pop record that you would want to play at a cocktail party, it’s a overly produced throwback to the big band era and just sounds awful today.  And so, despite the gatefold cover and deluxe packaging, this near mint copy was fairly priced at $1, marked down from $4.  You’ll find it in virtually every thrift store and garage sale, and basically any place cheaper records are sold.  No one who appreciated music would ever listen to it more than once.  Only buy it if you have too much shelf space, are trying to collect every record ever made, or you have too much money.  This will be a $1 record for the next few centuries .

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $4, $194 Remaining

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