April 18, 2017 $1 Records In Flight


Starland Vocal Band, Starland Vocal Band, Windsong BHL1- 1351, 1976

I bet of all the awards they’ve ever given out, I would be that the Grammy Awards Committee would like their Best New Artist Of 1977 one back.  Yes, I know the similar one given to Milli Vanilli is right up there, the one presented to the Starland Vocal Band really set the kiss of death bar for all the sub-par winners that came after it.  And yes, it wasn’t a stellar crop of nominees they were up against (Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band!), but either Boston or the Brothers Johnson would have looked fine in the rear view mirror.


It’s not that this is a particularly bad record, they can play and sing, but what they play and sing is so of a two month period of 1976 that you almost can’t listen to it without gagging.  Their one hit, Afternoon Delight, has been mocked and derided ever since it hit #1 in July 1976.  It was a big enough hit that the group got a shot at a TV series and a young David Letterman was the head writer and host of.  The clips of it available on youtube are equally unwatchable.


Winding Records was John Denver’s vanity label that he was able to arrange with his label RCA.  The association with the Starland Vocal Band goes back to Bill & Taffy Danoff, half of the Band, when they co-wrote Denver’s breakthrough hit Take Me Home Country Road.  By the time this record came out though, the era of the country tinged light pop sound was dying.  Disco was the new sound of the day and there was no was the Starland Vocal Band, or even John Denver, could make that transition.  This is an easy record to find, and it’s always fun to pull out at a party, but it’s not what I would call an essential record.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $1, $216 Remaining


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