April 15, 2017 Still Cruisin’


Various Artists, Cruisin’ 1965, Increase INCM-2010, 1973

Scour piles of cheap old records long enough and you’ll eventually find one from the Crusin’ series.  It may seem to be a decent enough retrospective of the hits of a certain year, 1965 in this case.  But really it’s much more than that.  Each one of the 16 albums (1955-1970 inclusive) features a mock radio show from each year.  A top local DJ mimics what he -they are all men- would have done in a typical show that year.  Naturally, all of the radio station jingles and commercials are included.


The covers also tell the tale of “Eddie” as he appeared in each year, from high school through college and Vietnam.  They’re all done in a Roy Liechtenstein comic book style of artwork.  The back cover has a write up on all the artists and the DJ who plays the host.  For 1965, it was Los Angeles’s turn.  Or should I say “Boss” Angeles, as KHJ morning drive host Robert W. Morgan calls it.


I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to get all of the rights to do this project.  Where in 1973 did Increase Records’ attorneys go for permission to release a 1965 Studebaker radio ad?  There’s no Beatles, Beach Boys or Rolling Stones, but there are some major records on each album.  These records aren’t for someone looking to enjoy the music, every song is talked over or fused together with a jingle, but they are really fun to listen to them.  They are like finding an air-check from the golden age of Top 40 AM radio.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $2, $220 Remaining


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