April 4, 2017 Going To The Temple And We’re Gonna Get Married


The Dukes Of Freilachland, Mazeltov, Aamco ALP-316, 1958

This album is not for everyone.  It says so right on the front cover.  Chubby Checker never had to put a disclaimer like “Twist Music Of Our People”  Ditto Jan & Dean for surfing, cars, or skateboarding.  So, it’s a commercial challenge for The Dukes Of Freilachland to limit their audience to their target market.


Aamco Records was a short lived discount label.  They leased most of their material from various sources, some were old recordings from superstars like Duke Ellington, some were newly recorded music by unknowns like Charlie Shavers and Ted Steele, and some were international recordings like this album.  I presume that this is an international record because I’ve never heard of a place called Freilachland.


Limited as the target market is, this totally obscure album is actually really fun to listen to.  The clarinet and accordion swing, and not in an ironic sense.  I suppose there were people who actually played this record as their wedding music, but 60 years on, it’s something that virtually no one has ever heard.  If Aamco Records hadn’t released it in the US, and I didn’t pluck it from an obscure bin in a vintage shop, I wouldn’t have either.  But I’m glad it happened, and that’s a mitzvah.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $2, $251 Remaining

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