April 1, 2017 The World’s Greatest Power Trio


Dino, Desi & Billy, I’m A Fool, Reprise R-6176, 1965

Known the world over for their total credibility as a rock trio, no one from their families had anything to do with Dino, Desi & Billy’s success.  Frank Sinatra himself personally plucked this band from middle school obscurity and singed them to a major label deal, not based on any phone calls from anyone’s mother, but because of their (very) raw talent.  It’s not every boy band that can lip sync weekly on national TV on shows produced by their parent’s production companies, based solely on their talent.


Known as the thinking man’s Gary Lewis & The Playboys, Dino, Desi & Billy met in grade school in Hollywood.  By Junior High, they were ready for their big break, performing for Frank Sinatra in Dean Martin’s basement.   Quickly signed to Frank’s Reprise Records, they were assigned top notch producers Billy Strange, Jack Nitzsche, and Lee Hazelwood.  This was their first album and by far their biggest hit, but attempts at success were made for years, and the group made numerous TV appearances.  It kinda came to an end only when Desi Arnaz Jr. joined his mother’s TV show, and Dino & Billy went to college.


As much as I kid, Billy Hinsche became a member of The Beach Boys in the 70s and sang backgrounds for Elton John and Waren Zevon.  As for the others, Dean Paul Martin died in a plane crash, and Desi was briefly a TV heartthrob, at least until he took Marcia Brady on the cheek on The Brady Bunch.  This is actually a pretty poor excuse for a pop record, but it’s fun to hear just for the cover of Like A Rolling Stone.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $2, $260 Remaining

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