March 20, 2017 How YOU Doin?


David Niven, The World’s Most Famous Love Letters, Roulette R-25034, 1958

I usually try to come up with a snappy headline for each album I blog about.  For this one, I really struggled.  I thought trying to tie-in to one of David Niven’s great film roles would be the way to go, something along the lines of “The Bridge On The River Sigh”, “Around The World In 33 1/3 Days” or “The Pink Vinyl” would work, but listening to this utterly bizarre record, I kept coming back to Joey Tribbiani’s catchphrase “How You down’?” for the best way to describe this miraculous find.


It’s not just the Austin Powers/Partridge Family blue velour suit (complete with frilly ascot) that drew me in, it was the premise of this record to begin with.  Why on Earth would anyone need something like this is much more interesting to me than the cover.   Original owner Jim Monroe became one of the lucky few original owners of this rare piece of vinyl, and I would like to thank him for not listening to his record more than a few times.  It is a flawless record, except for the material.


Each track has an appropriate musical score, but it really is David Niven reading some very cheesy old letters.  It’s now my go to for audio clips of someone saying “My live in Vienna is now a wretched one” or “Inwardly I’m wasting away”.  This  record is why I search out the oddball albums.  For $2, I now own a very rare (it doesn’t even show up in Niven’s Wikipedia page) record that really shouldn’t be, yet clearly does.  I hope Jim Monroe felt like he got his money’s worth, because I know I did.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $2, $287 Remaining


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