March 13, 2017 Meet LeBeau


Robert Clary, Meet Robert Clary, Epic LN-3171, 1955

This the first TV related album where the album is a prequel to the TV show, but I’m including it anyway.  Robert Clary, Cpl. Louis LeBeau on Hogan’s Heroes, tried to make it as a singer/actor/cabaret artist for years.  This record, which came out a decade before the TV show that made him famous, shows that he is a very talented guy.  It may not be my exact taste, but it’s a really fun record to listen to.


Clary sings and tells jokes and it sounds like dances on the record.  He also used those skills to help himself survive The Holocaust.  He was abducted by Nazis from his native Paris and sent to the concentration camp, where he was one of the only ones from his family to survive.  It’s harder to imagine a more difficult road to stardom, and Clary had to answer all kinds of questions about acting in a sit-com set in a German camp.


It’s also a really great addition to have to my collection.  A well made cabaret style album is always great to have around the house, especially a French one.  Robert Clary is still alive at 91, but this 62 year old record still sounds fresh.  Hogan’s Heroes sure didn’t.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $8, $310 Remaining


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