March 11, 2017 Sure, Why Not

IMG_0506 (1)

The Brady Bunch, The Kids From The Brady Bunch, Paramount PAS-6037, 1972

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.  The Brady Bunch was one of those shows that kept getting renewed just because ABC didn’t have any better ideas.  The only reason people know about it today is because they made just enough episodes to qualify for syndication, and it was so cheap to air that it filled the afternoon schedules of independent TV stations for decades.  In its original run, it was never a ratings success, so the producers tried various was of getting new viewers.


With the huge success of The Monkees, and the pretty decent success of The Partridge Family, having the Brady kids sing on the show seemed like a good way to write a few episodes and maybe even sell a few records.  The show was produced by Paramount TV and it helped that the studio had just started Paramount Records, new labels are always in need for unsigned talent.  In this case, it didn’t really matter if the “artists” could actually sing, they had a show on network TV.   They also had a brief Saturday morning cartoon, and the cover art of this album features the animation of “The Brady Kids” from that show instead of the actors themselves.  Both The Brady Bunch and Paramount Records ended in 1974, with the studio selling the label to ABC Records.


While there was only one Brady record that ever charted (Meet The Brady Bunch, 1972, #108), this album has two of their best known songs.  Both It’s A Sunshine Day and Keep On were featured in the January 23, 1973 episode of the show entitled “Amateur Hour”.  The songs and the choreography are so bad that they are impossible to ever forget.  Why they gave solos to every kid when half of them obviously couldn’t carry a tune is beyond me.  This copy has a sticker on the front cover that tells me of the impressive drum breaks on an obscure track called Drummer Man.  Club DJs often look for unusual or funky drum tracks to weave into a mix, but I have a hard time imagining a rave on Ibiza being treated to the drum breaks from The Brady Bunch.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $5, $323 Remaining


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