March 3, 2017 It’s A Family Affair


Sebastian Cabot, A Dramatic Reading Of Bob Dylan, MGM SE-4431, 1967

Oh where to begin…  The best thing to say about it is that Sebastian Cabot is that he obviously would have made millions in today’s animation film industry.  He really had an amazing speaking voice.  But…why did this have to happen?


Yes, Sebastian Cabot was the lovable Mr. French on the highly rated TV show Family Affair, and yes Bob Dylan was the biggest lyrical songwriter of the era, but I don’t believe the Nobel Award Committee For Literature used this record as source material.  It’s fair to call this one of the campiest combinations of all time   As weird as the cover implies that it is, I promise you it’s even weirder.


It might have helped if they went with the more obscure songs from the Dylan catalogue, finding themes and words that were appropriate for Mr. French to say.  By sticking to the hits, Mr. Cabot has to come up with 99 ways to not sound too creepy every time he has to utter the word babe.  I’m sure it must have been a real big hit around the Dylan household too.  But, if Rhino Records chose two tracks from this record for their Golden Throats novelty albums, you know they found a classic.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $5, $357 Remaining


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