March 1, 2017 I Can Stop Buying This Record Now


The Monkees, The Monkees, Colgems COM-101, 1966

When an album sells over 5 million copies, it’s generally very easy to find, even after 50 years.  So easy to find, in fact, that it’s hard NOT to find this album wherever you look for low cost records.  The problem is not finding one, it’s finding one in good condition.  You’re looking at a total of $13 spent on these three records, and the plan is to combine the best of them into the one I’ll keep.


The middle copy still wears its original shrink wrap, so that’s where I’ll begin.  The left hand one has a crisp inner sleeve (to my knowledge Colgems never had a promotional inner sleeve) so that’ll be the one I’ll keep.  But the third album, the one on the right, plays the cleanest.  Monkees fans weren’t what you’d call audiophiles who would have played their records on the finest equipment.  It’s really hard to find a good, clean copy of their records, and you may have to do what I did and cobble together several of them to end up with a near mint copy.


But you should.  Monkees records are very well done, even the early ones where the Prefab Four did nothing more than sing.  The show needed so much music that several A-List songwriting teams were called in to write Monkee Music.  That means that there’s usually very little filler.  This record spent 13 weeks at number one, and only gave up the top spot to More Of The Monkees.  That wouldn’t have happened if this wasn’t a really good pop album.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $5, $364 Remaining

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