February 17, 2017 10 To 23 To $1


Jose Feliciano, 10 To 23, RCA Victor LSP-4185, 1969

Jose Feliciano was muy caliente in the late 60s.  The singer became famous in Latin America in the mid 60s and exploded world-wide after the huge success of re-recording The Doors’ Light My Fire.  His flamenco style guitar work was praised by none other than Jimi Hendrix, and his rendition of The Star Spangled Banner of the 1968 World Series was so controversial that it became a bigger issue than the game itself.  His records for RCA sold in the millions, and they are among the easiest records to find today.


I actually like them, and I sometimes think I’m the only one.  These albums are mostly covers of the hits of the day, but it was a golden age for pop music.  Who doesn’t like a well done Beatles cover?  This album has three, and the re-make of She’s A Woman makes a former B-Side into A-Side material.


There’s no need to search out these albums, they pop up anywhere old records are sold.  That means that you can feel free to wait until you find a mint condition copy.  One thing I do want to find though is the rumored infamous introduction that Ed Sullivan gave to Jose Feliciano on his live TV show.  Dear old Ed supposedly couldn’t find the cue cards with the scripted into on them anymore than he could remember the name of the next act, so he announced the only things he could remember.  It came out something like “Here’s a wonderful new singer……..he’s blind and he’s Puerto Rican!”  Ouch.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $1, $399 Remaining

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