February 12, 2017 End Of The Jug


Al Jarvis, Jug End Memories, Jug End Records JE-1000, 196?

Pontiac produced 25,504 Catalina Two Door Sport Sedans for 1960, and they looked particularly good in Sierra Copper Iridescent.  The one on this cover was the reason I splurged $2 on this record.  It might have had me with the white 1958 Chevrolet Biscayne in front of it, but that car wouldn’t have the Circ-L-Aire heater defroster like the newer and more expensive Pontiac would.


A little research turns out that the Jug End was a ski resort in the southwestern corner of Massachusetts.  It looks like it was in business for about 40 years as a year round resort that closed for good around 1980.  Tow-Ropes and T-Bar lifts on a 700 foot vertical drop hill might have made economic sense in 1938, but not so much once chairlifts came into ski area standard equipment.  While it was open, though, it must have been quite the place considering it had the wherewithal and ambition to produce a custom souvenir record.


I can’t really get to into what it sounds like because I just couldn’t get too far into it.  The accordion solo on Tyrollean Melody about sent me over the edge.  Imagine a 6-piece band performing at a barn about a four hour drive from the closest airport and you’ll have the sound of Al Jarvis.  It would be amazing if they managed to sell half as many of these records as Pontiac sold Catalina Two Door Sport Sedans.  The more interesting thought is probably how this gift shop record made it from South Egremont, Massachusetts in the early 60s to Portland, Oregon in 2017.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $2, $408 Remaining


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