February 9, 2017 Where It All Began


Bill Haley & The Comets, Rock Around The Clock, Decca DL-8225, 1955

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating here.  Sometimes you just get lucky.  The more records you look, the greater the chance that you’ll find a record like this at a vintage store for $5.  It’s not the mint condition variety that would be valued at about $250, but I think I got a real bargain for such an important record.


There are only a handful of records that legitimately changed the business or established a new genre.  Rock Around The Clock is like the B.C.-A.D. changeover for the music business.  The single’s release in July 1955 ended the chart successes of big bands, pop vocalists, and orchestras.  This album is a compilation of the group’s 1955 singles issued that December, but it was issued on the brand new 12 LP format that wasn’t available in July when the single was released.  It’s considered the first rock album to hit the charts, but it’s fairly rare because it wasn’t new music when it came out and not many sold because many people couldn’t yet play the LP record.


Goldmine Record Album Price Guide values this at $250 for a mint condition copy.  This one plays very well, but I’d rate it as Very Good +.  There’s label damage, and one of the seams is splitting a little, but it plays great.  Decca reissued the album several times, and the guide describes each label variation and this is the 1955 original.  Still, I’d never seen one of any variation, and at $5, it was a low risk investment.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $5, $414 Remaining

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