January 18, 2017 Zoom-A-Zoom-A-Zoom


Soundtrack, Come On And Zoom, A&M SP-3402, 1974

Come on kids, lets make a show!  That was the thought behind Zoom, a PBS show made for kids by kids that originally aired from 1972-1978.  Produced in Boston and aired nationally, it had a real air of the 70s about it, from the cheap sets and production values, down to the “how do you feel” segments.


It was never a big hit, but I certainly remember it.  The kids would dance and sing, not very well mind you, but free form expression was what it was all about, and each episode had a segment where they did something.  Sometimes it was cooking, or organizing a magic show, but always in an effort to get kids motivated to do something.


Somehow, A&M released a cast album on the show.  It’s pretty damned bad, but it does give me the chance to get the ridiculously catchy theme song anytime I want.  Theres also a music track featured around the show’s mailing address, it’s most definitely the first zip code jingle I know of.  In the wake of the success of Good Will Hunting, there was a fake news story going around that, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were once cast members of Zoom, but there’s no proof.  I’d say the soundtrack album is only for the real fans of the show.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $4, $474 Remaining


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