January 14, 2017 It Takes A Village


The Village People, Macho Man, Casablanca NBLP-7096, 1978

There were a lot of fad groups that became huge in the vinyl era, but none of them we more entertaining than The Village People.  Every one of their records is worth collecting, and some are even worth listening to.  This one, their second album, may be their best one of all.  They were still a fad on the rise when it came out and this was still before they really broke through commercially with Y.M.C.A.  


It was a great idea for a group.  Take a promising R&B singer and surround him with some masculine cliches in costume and name them after the gay New York neighborhood of Greenwich Village.  I don’t think it wouldn’t fly today, especially the Hispanic man appearing as a Native American, but it was really far out back in the day.


Of course, it wouldn’t have worked without the music.  The producer/creator of the group, Jacques Morali had their back there.  He was one of the most prolific producers of the Disco Era, working with names as big as Cher and Eartha Kitt.  His biggest success was with The Village People though, and this is about as good as a total disco album ever got.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $4, $488 Remaining


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