January 13, 2017 Working Their Way Out Of Jersey


The 4 Seasons, Working My Way Back To You, Phillips PHS 600-201, 1966

The amazing success of The 4 Seasons musical Jersey Boys not only set box office records, but it increased the value of actual records.  It used to be that albums like this by the groups were essentially free, owing to the fact that they really sold well originally but not many people kept them.  4 Seasons greatest hits packages were always available, so holding original albums like this one with only one hit that anyone would know made little sense.


It’s not like The 4 Seasons albums ever had the cache of The Beatles’ or even The Beach Boys for interesting album tracks.  There are one or two here I like, but the group never considered their albums as concepts like other groups did.  This album is really just a collection of throw aways, plus the one great hit.


As depicted in the show, this album came out just after original bassist Nick Massi left the group.  Even though he is pictured on the cover and wrote one of the songs, he neither played or sang on it.  After settling on Joe Long as a replacement, the group continued on releasing hit after hit with the “sound” of Frankie Valli becoming one of the greatest pop voices of all time.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $7, $492 Remaining

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