January 12, 2017 Really Odd Jobs


Dolly Parton, 9 To 5 And Odd Jobs, RCA AAL1-3852, 1980

Country Music has waves of popularity on the pop charts from time to time, and the very early 80s was certainly one of those times.  Eddie Rabbitt, Crystal Gayle, Roseanne Cash & Ronnie Milsap were having pop hit after pop hit in those years, but none of them were, ahem, bigger than Dolly Parton was.


I read somewhere that (unbelievably) 1980s cars are going up in value on the collector’s market.  I think the same may be true for 80s records.  While I might not have forked over 200 pennies for this a few years ago, I think records like this in good shape will never be this cheap again and will become scarce with the resurgence in vinyl collecting.


This album was one of the biggest sellers of its era, thanks to its inclusion in the film of the same name, so its really easy to find for not much money…now.  Huge selling pop records almost always have a limited number of owners who want to hold on to a record for 37 years, so they turn up all the time.  I’ve even been noticing a few Thrillers pop up in vintage stores, and Prince’s records can’t be far behind.  But for now, I’m happy to have Dolly to listen to 8 hours a day.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $3, $499 Remaining

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