January 8, 2017 Sadness On The Horizon


The Carpenters, Horizon, A&M SP-4530, 1975

This album has The Carpenter’s last #1 single (Please Mr. Postman), and their last top ten hit (Only Yesterday) too.  And while on it’s own, it hit #13 on the album chart and sell over a million copies, Karen & Richard don’t look as happy here as they did a few years before.


All big acts have major peaks and slumps in their career.  It’s the rare artist, like Elton John, who can come back from a slump.  The Carpenters didn’t, and it was the pressure of the hit years took their toll to the point where they literally couldn’t make a comeback.  You can hear sadness in Karen’s voice and sense it in Richard’s writing.  They were done.


There were other records, of course, but the thrill was gone, and personal problems caused their demise.  So this easy to find Carpenters record is them at the last second of their peak.  Its the perfect compliment to the Close To You album from 1970.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $1, $508 Remaining

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