January 7, 2017 The Look Of Mascara


Dusty Springfield, The Look Of Love, Phillips PHS-600-256, 1967

The Beatles weren’t the only British superstar act to have their American record company screw up their UK album releases to try to sell more records.  It didn’t do much damage to The Beatles’ career, but it certainly did to artists like Dusty Springfield.  Blessed with one of the best voices in the history of pop music, she never quite reached the heights that she did in the UK, and I think one of the reasons was because of her screwy record company, Phillips.


Take this album (please).  The single of The Look Of Love was recorded early in 1967 for the soundtrack to the James Bond spoof film Casino Royale.  Despite the song getting rave reviews, Phillips released it as a B-Side to a minor British hit from 1966, Give Me Time.  DJs still gave it airplay, and the track limped to #22 in the Spring of 1967.  After several other cover versions being recorded and the song getting an Oscar nomination, Phillips rush-released this album and filled it with tracks from various British releases, plus a few covers of American hits.


It didn’t go well.  The Sergio Mendes & Brazil ’66 cover version took off in the meantime, propelling their single and Look Around album into the Top Ten by early 1968.  This became Dusty’s last Phillips release, she signed with Atlantic Records in 1968 and produced the classic blue eyed soul records like Dusty In Memphis that are prized by collectors today.  What did she do to deserve that? (!).

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $3, $509 Remaining


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