January 5, 2017 It Just Goes To Show You


Stan Getz, Mickey One (Soundtrack), MGM E-4312, 1965

One of the best things about buying cheap records is finding real gems that you never heard of before, but totally fall in love with when you listen to them.  I certainly know about Warren Beatty, but I’ve never heard of a movie called Mickey One.  The reviews I have read are not that rosy…


But I have also heard of the great Jazz Stan Getz.  So at $2, it’s not a budget busting purchase to take a chance on the soundtrack of a movie I’d never heard of.  And its really really good.  Sure, there is a lot of incidental background music like there are on all soundtrack albums, but it’s Stan Getz playing that music.


And because it came out in 1965, its got that mid 60s feel that I love.  Soundtracks always reflect the music of the era the movie is set in, and they’re usually the cheapest of the cheap in any record store.  Shhh, don’t tall anyone!

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $514 Remaining


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