December 31, 2016 Sappy New Year


Jackie Gleason, Music Martinis and Memories, Capitol W-509, 1954

For a guy who couldn’t read or write music, he sure sold a lot of records.  jackie Gleason was one of the biggest TV stars of the 1950s, and he had a whole second career as a studio orchestra leader.  His first 10 albums for Capitol all sold a million and most went to number one.  I suppose they would be classified today as the quintessential “elevator” music records, but they were huge in their day.


I prize them for their covers.  There’s usually an over the top woman dressed the hilt.  Alcohol and cigarettes feature prominently, which only makes it all the more absurd.  These records are among the most framable of any I know.


The 12″ LP was a new thing in 1954, and people apparently needed instruction on the inner sleeve on which end to insert into the jacket.  Capitol also went all our on describing the new “high fidelity” record that came in the sleeve.  Too bad the music on the record is so so syrupy.  Perhaps the goal here is to drink so many Martinis that you don’t have any Memories of the Music left at all.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $2, $524 Remaining

December Summary:
$89 Spent, $2.87 per record


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