December 29, 2016 You Can’t Teach Lucky


The Everly Brothers, Songs Our Daddy Taught Us, Cadence 3018, 1958

If you look through a half a million albums in your lifetime, you’ll find a few gems in among all the Andre Kostelanetz records.  This is one of them.


The Everly Brothers were probably the biggest act in music when, for their second album, they chose to record a non commercial roots record that had little to do with their hits like All I Have To Do Is Dream.  It lived up to its non-commercial sales goal, but because of the unique and far ahead of its time reputation it maintains, the few original copies that did sell are highly praised collectables.


I found this one in a $2 bin, and while it’s a little beat up, it plays much better than it looks.  The cover is worn, the labels aren’t perfect, but I don’t care.  Years of looking has rewarded me with a pretty amazing find that I’ll keep forever.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $2, $530 Remaining

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