December 22, 2016 Chestnuts Reissued


Nat King Cole, The Christmas Song, Capitol SW-1967, 197?

I say it every single time.  I hate re-issues.  I never try to allow myself to buy them, but in a case like this I threw away $2 to actually have this music on vinyl.  It doesn’t get more classic (assuming that’s a phrase) then a record like this.  And it just sounds so much better on vinyl.  Like I said, Christmas albums are a label’s best friend, and a perennial seller like this one is a cash cow.


Truth be told, I was in a rush and never bothered to check the record inside the jacket.  That’s a huge rookie mistake to make because you never really know what’s inside a record jacket.  Finding a warped classical record inside a Beatles jacket is about the ultimate fail, but buying a re-issue unknowingly is right up there.


This is the 1972-1979 Capitol label.  As a kid, I bought my Beatles albums on this label.  So despite it’s ugliness, I have a warm spot for it.  Still, it’s not the label this record would have been issued on, so it’ll never have any value beyond what I sold it for.  But I don’t mind.  It’s Nat King Cole and The Christmas Song.  I can re-gift it back to Goodwill when I find the real one, and until then, Let It Snow!

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $1, $547 Remaining

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