December 17, 2016 Where It All Begins


ABBA, ABBA, Atlantic SD-18146, 1975

Today’s post gets back to the roots of this blog.  Yes, sure, ABBA has an amazing collection of well crafted pop albums that dominated charts around the world from the mid 70s to the early 80s.  But record collectors know them as the group destined to always have their records filed first once they take the time to organize their collection.


All price guides, chart collections, or album discographies have their listings alphabetically by artist name.  And invariably the first group always listed is ABBA.  So, it really doesn’t have much to do with their amazing success or their great albums, but inevitably you’ll find their records in the upper left corner of any serious collection.


And, or course, It’s not enough to keep ABBA first, but, as with any group, their records need to be filed chronologically by date.  So until I find ABBA’s first US release, this record will remain the first one anyone will see when they start to look through my records.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $2, $558 Remaining


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