December 14, 2016 The Long And Deep $4 Bin


Kings Road, The Long And Winding Road, Pickwick SCP-3239, 1970

Most of the schlocky discount Beatles records I have came out in the immediate aftermath of I Want To Hold Your Hand, meaning that the covering group didn’t have much genuine Beatles material to cover.  But this one came out in 1970, months after the group broke up, but soon after this album’s title track hit #1 in June, 1970.  “Kings Road”, whoever they were try their best to sound original, straining the word “you” on Revolution to sound like John, and trying to hit the high notes on The Fool On The Hill to sound like Paul.  It doesn’t work at all.  These songs were light years more advanced than the early Beatlemania hits and there was no way a Long Island discount label could make a record sound like George Martin or Phil Spector.


There are some hilarious liner notes that have a general Beatles summary, with the theme that all things must pass.  The “author” calls himself the President of something called the Society for the Preservation Of Scholarly Liner Notes.  Hilarious!  What he couldn’t justify in his summary is why this record only has right songs…



Pickwick was perhaps the longest lasting discount record seller.  They were somewhat successful at re-releasing deleted albums from an artist’s past, especially if the artist came up with a new hit.  For example, when Tom Jones had his biggest hit in years in 1971 with She’s A Lady, Pickwick was right there with a “follow-up” which was nothing more than a repackaged 1965 British release.  It must have worked, because Pickwick was there well into the 80s trying to fool people into buying what they thought was the song they were hearing on the radio.  I fell for the cover of this records, and as soon as I saw the Pickwick label, I knew it was going to be awful.  And I wasn’t disappointed…

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $4, $571 Remaining


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