December 11, 2016 Passing Classical Gas


Joshua Rifkin, The Baroque Beatles Book, Elektra EKS-7306, 1965

As we’ve seen, people did virtually anything to jump on The Beatles bandwagon.  Besides blatant knockoffs designed to confuse people, some companies came at the same target with somewhat more noble pursuits in mind.


Producer and arranger Joshua Rifkin conducts an unknown group of studio musicians (branded as the Baroque Ensemble Of The Merseyside Kammermusikgesellschaft here) performing Beatle melodies as Bach would have imagined them.  It’s pretty tedious at first, then you kind of get into it.


Elektra, as evidenced by the folk singer drawn into all their early labels, considered themselves a higher brow record label for the material they released.  This “concept” album was apparently the idea of their president, and Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Member Jac Holzman.  Again, the noble experiment, with its pithy liner notes, was designed to show that The Beatles were serious musicians.  So, I give this record a B+ for effort.  I just don’t want to have to listen to it very much.

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $2, $582 Remaining


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