December 10, 2016 Strawberry Fields For Never


The Hollywood Strings, The Beatles Songbook Vol. 4, Capitol T-2656, 1967

Recording studios cost money to operate.  They require specialized engineers to be on staff to maintain the equipment and prepare for the next session.  Of course, it’s hard to keep a steady stream of first class artists recording around the clock.  So rather than let a fully staffed first class studio sit in the dark, record companies come up with all sorts of ideas to keep the product in production.  Ladies and gentlemen, behold the artistry of The Hollywood Strings.


There wasn’t really a group called The Hollywood Strings, apparently they were a random collection of studio musicians who also need some work when Frank Sinatra Peggy Lee, or The Beach Boys weren’t in the studio and in need of a sting section.  It makes perfect sense from a business point of view, just record songs you already have a publishing interest in by musicians you’re already keeping on staff, and hope for the best sales-wise with virtually no promotion.


They must have made some sales.  This is only volume four of just The Beatles catalogue, with other records out there of other Capitol artists as well.  It’s not like they’re terrible records either, it’s just that usually you need to ride an elevator to hear something like this today.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $2, $584 Remaining




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