December 9, 2016 Unmitigated Gaul


The Blue Beats, The Beatle Beat, AA Records 133, 1964

Of all the discount records I’ve featured this week, this one might be the most galling.  I use the French references because one of the names of this album is “dance discotheque lp”.  Now, the word discotheque took on a different meaning about ten years after this record came out, but it certainly also had a meaning in 1964.  That is to say that that the swinging clubs of the 60s had their own kind of beat, and this album kind of personifies that.


Now don’t get me wrong, trying to sell this as a Beatles album is appalling because, well there’s not one Beatles song on it.  It’s 100% instrumental, and all originals too Beatle Boot.  The handy (and familiar) twist lesson on the back cover, I’d guess that the music on this record was a European twist record that was repackaged for US consumption with a Beatles “twist”.


The amazing this is, despite the packaging, it’s a pretty decent album of 60s background music.  I don’t know, because there’s scant information online, about who the musicians are but they can play.  I would imagine that owing to the next to nothing sales of this record, there is now no copyright to keep anyone from using this for whatever 60s based project on eight have in mind.  There’s no songwriting credits, no record company information available, so have at it you creative types!

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $3, $586 Remaining


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