December 8, 2016 The Fabulous New Sound


The Manchesters, Beatlerama, Diplomat 2310, 1964

The ultimate discount label wasn’t going to be left out of the Beatles craze.  After all, according to the liner notes on this album, “The Beatles and their music approach the hysteria of the twist and similar music”.   Of course there’s just the one Beatles song, Please Please Me, and one other public domain song, My Bonnie, that The Beatles covered when they were in The Manchesters shoes in Hamburg in 1961.


Other than that, the rama that fills the rest of this album doesn’t quite live up to the hysteria of the twist.  The drummer loses time more often than Ringo does, and the singer forgets the words more often than John did.


It’s an interesting curiosity, but I think I’d prefer to find volume one, or even Diplomat’s other Beatles knock off.  The Beatle Buddies were supposedly an all girl band who recorded songs like He Loves You!

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $3, $589 Remaining


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