December 7, 2016 Beatle Mania #2


The Liverpools, Beatle Mania In The USA, Wyncote 9001, 1964

Yet again, I found yet another badly done discount record of some group rush recording a copy of The Beatles in the wake of their phenomenal entry into the US market.  Today’s group are The Liverpools, which makes sense because they sound like they’re from Liverpool, Pennsylvania.  The court-room sketch artist who drew the cover appears to have had a thing for Paul McCartney, because all four Liverpools look like the bassist for The Beatles.  No “recorded in England”, no photography, no description of the group at all,  this is a bare bones effort that was designed to fool only the most gullible record buyer.  I found a release date for this album of January 25, 1964, which would mean it was on sale before The Beatles first performed on the Ed Sullivan Show on February 9.


The cover “art” is really just a copy of the Billboard Magazine ad that Capitol Records placed around the 1963-64 New Years issue with a simple drawing of four haircuts and the simple tag line “The Beatles Are Coming”.  Wyncote Records was a very short lived discount subsidiary of Cameo-Parkway records, the Philadelphia based independent label that dominated the early 1960s charts with one dance craze hit after another (helped by the natural promotional power of the locally based but nationally televised American Bandstand).  This stunning piece of vinyl was the label’s first release.


Their label is a copy of Parkway Records, but I’m not sure that affected sales too much one way or the others.  These were the kinds of records that would be sold out of the trunk of someone’s car or at a drug store.  So while The Liverpools, if that’s really who they were, would only briefly be able to sell a few records to the unsuspecting.  Now, it’s something I listen to form time to time just for a few laughs.

Today’s Summary:

Cost: $4, $592 Remaining


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