December 6, 2016 Beetle Mania


The Buggs, The Beatle Beat, Coronet CX-212, 1964

For their schlocky discount version of The Beatles first US hit, Coronet Records spent a little bit more money than yesterday’s version from Palace Records.  They actually have a photograph, cheaply and badly done to imitate the actual group’s hit album cover.  While The Buggs may or may not have been the group who sang on the record, they certainly tried their best to look like The Beatles on Meet The Beatles.  it was probably good enough to fool a few gullible kids or their grandparents, until they actually listened to the music of course.


There’s just the two Beatles songs, one of them trumpeted in bold letters on the front (along with “The Original Liverpool Sound”).  The rest is just bad filler, sometimes based off of a riff from other Beatle songs, or with lyrics stolen from them along the lines of “I Saw Her Standing There, and now she’s mine”.  It appears to be such a rush release that nobody bothered to proofread the names of the other Merseyside groups invading America including “Jerry (with a J) & The Pacemakers”!


Calling the group The Buggs was a particular kind of marketing genius.  Books have been written about this subject, but when I Want To Hold Your Hand hit the US in January 1964, all previous Beatle records exploded onto the charts as well because they were all previously leased out to several small independent labels who quickly rereleased them.  So a record shopper of the era would have been inundated with multiple labels issuing the real Beatles, and a record like this was there to pick up a few sales from people who were easily confused.


Incidentally, I shazam a few of these songs as they play.  I’m pleased to note that I doubles the shazam total for “Swingin Thames” all by myself!

Today’s Summary:
Cost: $2, $596 Remaining


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